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Client Testimonials

Broad Cove is obsessed with delivering valuable expertise and guidance to our incredible clients. We strive - every day - to earn our clients' time and trust.  Here is what some of our clients have to say about Broad Cove:

"The work of Broad Cove has been an irreplaceable asset  for Dirigo Collective in navigating successful operations in the current marketing, media, and advertising landscape. Their practical experience and industry knowledge make BCA a benefit to all organizations, whether four years in, or 40 years in."

- Kate Reilly, Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Dirigo Collective

"What Broad Cove brings to the industry is a game changer: service terms and expertise that support and protect all the parties appropriately and factors in all the details from the start. With efficiency and wisdom in one place, nothing gets sacrificed, setting everyone up for maximum success.”
- Kelly Markus, CVO & Owner, Hunters Point

“Broad Cove sees around corners to create deals that protect from possibilities. The agency world requires a uniquely equipped and experienced partner to help navigate and anticipate. Broad Cove is that partner. Twenty-five years in this business and I have come across no one better.”
- Matthew Carle, Chief Business Strategist, Garrand Moehlenkamp

“Broad Cove has been a fantastic support to the OP/ex and EventPermits teams. Due to its unique combination of experience in the industry and expertise in contract negotiations, Broad Cove has immensely contributed to our business.”

- David Arnold, Partner, EVP Production and Operations, OP/ex and EventPermits.