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Negotiation Services


Cost: $500 per agreement

Broad Cove will evaluate your client or vendor agreement template (e.g. master services agreement, freelancer agreement, independent contractor agreement) against a number of factors and offer recommendations for improvement. 



Cost: $250 to $500 per agreement

Broad Cove will develop customized agreement templates for your business. Templates include essential forms for client and vendor agreements (master terms, statements or work, change order forms) and forms of non-disclosure agreements that are appropriate for different scenarios. Pricing includes a comprehensive review session with a Broad Cove consultant and a round of edits following that review. Package pricing is available when Broad Cove prepares multiple templates for your firm.


Cost: $325 per hour

Broad Cove can assist in the drafting and negotiation of individual client or vendor transactions. Our team has negotiated thousands of these agreements and has led negotiations with some of the largest brands on the planet, including Amazon, Apple, Nestlé, Nike, Verizon, and Walmart. We have a long history of achieving favorable outcomes for our clients in even the most challenging circumstances.


Cost: $325 per hour

Broad Cove has helped agencies across the country win dozens of competitive bids.  We help agencies evaluate bid requirements, counsel them on effective responses, evaluate pricing, and recommend strategies that help them stand out from their competition.  Fixed per-bid pricing is available upon request.


Cost: From $1,200 per session

Broad Cove will train your team on how to conduct a successful negotiation with clients and vendors. We teach employees about negotiation preparedness, key issues often explored in negotiations, and strategies for achieving favorable outcomes. Training can be customized based on the agreements that are used in your business.

Business Process Consulting


Cost: From $1,500 per business process

Broad Cove will interview the process owner & key stakeholders, review process documentation, and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the process across a number of factors.


Cost: From $1,500 per business process

Whether re-designing an existing process or starting from scratch, Broad Cove can help design smarter ways of getting things done that are aligned with your business goals. Once a process is designed, we can guide or lead the implementation of the process by writing standard operating procedures (SOPs), training stakeholders, and - if needed - recommending the right software to support your process.


Cost: From $750 per session

Broad Cove's process experts will train your team on process fundamentals, including developing and reading process flowcharts, writing SOPs, and identifying improvement opportunities in your business. We help your team develop a common process-oriented language for your business.


Cost: From $2,000 per month

Not sure where to begin or how best to prioritize the multiple process needs in your business? Many of our clients choose to engage Broad Cove on a retainer basis. Under this model, Broad Cove's experts work collaboratively with your team to set process priorities, and then evaluate, design, and/or implement processes at the pace that makes sense for your business.

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