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Products & Training

We offer companion training – live or remote - to accompany each of our product offerings.  Each session is customized to the needs of your business and team.

Operations Situation Assessment

An inflection point is an opportunity to take stock and take action.  


Losing a key employee, experiencing declining margins, winning a big piece of business, or entering a new market are all good times to look at your operation more broadly.  


A Broad Cove situation assessment looks at how your entire operation works in concert and provides recommendations on your org chart, tech stack, management tools and leadership practices that can empower leaders to confidently make the operational adjustments necessary to reach their goals.


Process Maps and Guides

Whether engaging our process experts to analyze and design your business processes or just to document existing processes, our team will leave you with clearly documented process maps, decision trees, and how-to guides that ensure consistency of execution and outcome.


Agreement Templates

Client agreements. Supplier agreements. Confidentiality agreements. Referral agreements. We can update or supplement your existing templates or outfit you with an entire inventory of everything you need to document client and vendor transactions.  


Our forms have been designed by experts that truly understand 

agency business and are customized to suit your operation.


Organizational Roles & Responsibilities Charts

Our proprietary ORR charts are a powerful and easy way to visualize how

resources are currently deployed across operational functions.  


At a glance, you can see where resources are currently deployed, and 

make decisions about their allocation in the near and long term 

based on your operational demands and strategic goals.

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